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Meet Celestina D. Mikhil – New Executive Director at Outward Bound Sabah

When the post of Executive Director fell vacant on 3rd January 2022 the Board of Trustees had no hesitation in offering the job to Celestina taking into consideration her knowledge, qualification and exemplary service with Outward Bound Sabah for 24 years. Celestina’s exciting journey with OB Sabah began in 1997 when she was appointed as a Trainee Instructor, a position she excelled in. In 1999 Management decided to appoint her as an Administrative Assistant to deal with accounts, a field she was very familiar with in view of her academic qualification in Banking Studies and Finance. Celestina’s excellent work performance and potential caught the attention of Management and in 2009 she was promoted to the post of Office Manager dealing with staff matters, administration and bookkeeping.

Having been with OB Sabah for more than two decades, Celestina has an intimate knowledge of the importance and relevance of Outward Bound in Sabah. She has set realistic and achievable targets. Her immediate priority is to steer OB Sabah out of the Covid19 “doldrums”, focusing on staff development and improving the financial position of the center.

Celestina grew up in Papar Sabah, a suburb 14km away from OB Sabah in Kinarut. She realised from her early childhood that she was destined to work in an outdoor environment. She preferred the scenic tranquility of the paddy fields of the rural area to the “concrete jungle” in the city. Mother of three young and growing children. Celestina is an avid athlete. She has climbed Mt Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia at 4095mtr, seven times and counting!  She is still active in running and hiking. When away from her desk work she enjoys watching Korean drama for relaxation and “de-stressing.”