Why us / The Need for Outward Bound

A stronger worldwide network

Outward Bound started in 1941 as an authentic, rigorous, and adventurous “training for life” program. Today, there are increasingly complex and ever-evolving social, economic and environmental challenges, which are compounded by the rise of mental health issues. As these challenges become more and more pervasive, the need to respond with solutions becomes more and more pressing. Outward Bound is more relevant than ever, and is uniquely positioned to address these pressing needs with our long history and capacity to engage at multiple levels – global, regional, and local.

As the international body that oversees and coordinates the worldwide Outward Bound community, it is crucial that OBI has the capacity to provide this oversight effectively and has the ability to mobilize appropriate and sufficient resources to assist Schools in the network.

It is equally crucial that the global Outward Bound stakeholder community come together to encourage support of the mission and vision of OBI. Doing so will ensure that the international network continues to grow and thrive; impacting the lives of even more people around the world for decades to come.

We create lasting impact in the lives of our participants

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