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GLOBAL Partnerships

Global partnerships are crucial in building the capacity of Outward Bound International and the global network of Outward Bound Schools. “Strengthening our Global Brand” is a key pillar of Outward Bound International’s Strategic Plan and fostering Global partnerships is one of the one of the ways we intend to do this. Partnerships will build capacity at OBI with the potential for replication within the global Outward Bound network, and will inspire and expand our global messaging.

OBI is pleased to share the following global partnerships that will have an impact throughout the worldwide network of Outward Bound Schools.

Dentons LLP 

OBI has established a global partnership with Dentons – the world’s largest law firm. Dentons’ commitment to “making communities stronger, healthier and better” is closely aligned to OBI’s vision of a “stronger worldwide network of more effective and resilient Outward Bound Schools.” Over the last few years Dentons have provided pro bono support to a number of Outward Bound Schools around the world. OBI is delighted that Dentons are now prepared to expand this opportunity to all Outward Bound Schools.


Outward Bound International is proud to be partnering with Manulife, a leading international financial services provider with global headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Our partnership with Manulife will help accelerate a sustainable future through The Global Environmental Project, a new initiative being launched and rolled out to the global network of Outward Bound Schools in 2022.

The John Templeton Foundation

Support from The John Templeton Foundation will enable Outward Bound International to work in collaboration with researchers from Penn State University, the University of Utah, and Clemson University to study the commonalities and differences in Outward Bound Schools around the world and their impact on character development in different cultures and geographies.  The John Templeton Foundation exists “to enable people to create lives of purpose and meaning.” The three researchers involved in the Project: Pete Allison, Jim Sibthorp and Theresa Melton, are all members of OBI’s Global Research Advisory Committee. The Project team also includes Sarah Wiley representing Outward Bound International, and Angela Duckworth, one of the world’s pre-eminent scholars on character education who will act in an advisory capacity. 


“As we live in an increasingly globalized world and work in increasingly diverse communities, understanding the cultural influences on character becomes more important…But incorporating lessons from other cultures is complex. How do we maintain and respect different cultures while building global citizens? Generous funding from the Templeton Foundation will help us answer that question.” – Professor Pete Allison, Penn State University 

Read the Press Release About this Exciting Initiative 

penn state university- the kurt hahn consortium for Values and experiential learning

Outward Bound International and Penn State University are excited to confirm commitment to a number of ongoing research collaborations.

Penn State University (PSU) is the home for the Kurt Hahn Consortium for Values and Experiential Learning (KHCVEL) which is a collective of passionate academics and practitioners interested in supporting the work of the Hahn “legacy organizations”: Outward Bound, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Round Square Association of Schools and the United World Colleges.

OBI and PSU have signed a Memorandum of Understanding as an indicator of their commitment to collaborating with each other. This is primarily aimed at collaborative applications for research funding to examine character, develop capacity in Outward Bound (OB) Schools around the world to share good practices and also develop research capacities in OB schools. 

Sarah Wiley of OBI said … “Outward Bound International is thrilled to be collaborating with Penn State University on a variety of research initiatives. Our partnership with PSU will support and further OBI’s global research agenda; helping the Outward Bound global network of Schools to continue to develop and deliver high-impact outdoor learning programs for young people around the world. “

Dr. Pete Allison, director of KHCVEL commented, ‘we are delighted to collaborate with OBI as the leading provider of outdoor education worldwide. We are excited to partner in research which will directly and indirectly positively impact the quality of educational experiences people will have outdoors.’ 

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