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Since 1941 Outward Bound has inspired millions of people across the Globe to discover their potential and in doing so, contribute to a better, bolder, more compassionate and more resilient society.

We Change Lives

Our expert instructors, using our proven learning model, facilitate authentic learning adventures in the outdoors for over 150,000 participants every year;  adventures that connect individuals to their self, to others and to the natural world. An Outward Bound program is an immersive, life changing experience that is carefully designed to take participants out of their familiar comfort zones and into an area of growth. It pushes them to the limits of what they think they’re capable of, and shows them that there is “more in them than they think.”

People return home, or back to school, college or work empowered with the attitudes, skills and behaviours they need to make positive changes to their lives and their performance, able to engage more productively with others, and to face life’s challenges with increased resilience.

Working with individuals and also in close partnership with schools, colleges and employers, Outward Bound Schools deliver challenging and inspiring courses that provide an authentic and relevant learning environment in which to grow the leaders of today and develop the leaders of tomorrow, something which is more vital than ever in the complex societies of the 21st century.

Environmental Icon 84% Increased environmental responsibility
Confident Icon 81% Increased self-confidence
Compassion Icon 80% Increased compassion
82% Increased resiliency

Global Impact Reports

Our Global Impact Reports share the collective impact of Outward Bound programs around the world with a wider global audience, providing reliable data backed evidence of Outward Bound’s worldwide effectiveness.

A review of the evidence collected revealed the centralizing theme of Connections across all regions and 5 core outcomes of Outward Bound programs consistent across the worldwide network of Schools.

Stories of impact

One thing that sets Outward Bound apart from other outdoor providers is the focus on long term impact and outcomes, not short term experiences.

Our courses change lives; we use the outdoors as a vehicle for immersive, meaningful learning that makes a real, lasting difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe each year.

Our stories of impact, collected from our member Schools around the worldwide network, demonstrate how this impact is realized across a wide diversity of cultures and environments.


The Global Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is comprised of researchers from across the globe who are experts in the field of adventure and experiential education. All of the members of the committee are connected to at least one Outward Bound School and through volunteering their time and expertise on the committee demonstrate their passion for and commitment to the work of Outward Bound.

We change lives all over the world

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