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Who We Are

Outward Bound International represents the global network of Outward Bound Schools across the world. All founded on the same educational philosophy that by having the opportunity to develop skills such as; resilience, self-confidence, compassion, understanding of others and environmental responsibility we can learn to thrive.

‘We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this we may never again be prepared to settle for anything less.’

37 Schools
34 Countries
6 Continents
82 Years

What is outward bound?

Outward Bound is a unique blend of experiential, adventurous outdoor learning that aims to foster the personal growth and social skills of participants by using challenging and authentic adventure in the outdoors. With eight decades of experience, our proven model of outdoor learning has become established around the world.

Our story

Outward Bound (OB), an educational initiative established by educator Kurt Hahn to cultivate character and resilience, has been changing lives through challenging & authentic learning in the outdoors for 80 years.  OB has developed into a global network of Schools connected by a shared educational model. Today, Outward Bounds purpose is more relevant than ever and its approach to learning through adventure and compassion is urgently needed on a much larger scale.

Strategic Vision

Our Strategic Plan outlines Outward Bound International’s short and long-term goals as well as the fundamental strategies that will help achieve those goals.

Nature Bound

As a global organisation whose course delivery is predominantly based on interaction in the natural environment, we are in a unique position to develop in our participants: environmental awareness, an active consciousness, and a strong desire to modify their environmental impact where they can. This is one of most important responsibilities we hold as an organisation. At Outward Bound International we take environmental sustainability seriously. The Outward Bound Environmental Charter outlines our commitment to making Outward Bound International’s operations more sustainable.

Outward Bound creates a lasting impact in the lives of its participants.

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