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OB Global Ambassadors

Outward Bound Global Ambassadors are a distinguished and dedicated group of Outward Bound champions who have been involved in a significant way with Outward Bound either regionally or globally, and would like to continue to support and inspire the global Outward Bound movement.

Our Global Ambassadors play a pivotal role in OBI’s success by contributing their expertise, networks and resources to further OBI’s work and serve as ambassadors on behalf of the mission and vision of Outward Bound International.  Ambassadors share a common belief in the power and intensity of learning and adventure in the outdoors as a means of bringing out the best in young people, and are committed to supporting OBI’s vision of a stronger worldwide network of more effective and resilient Outward Bound Schools.  Their annual contributions provide stable funding to grow Outward Bound’s impact.

The support of the OB Global Ambassadors means a sustainable future for not only Outward Bound International but also the growing global network of member Schools.

“I am delighted to join the Outward Bound International Global Ambassadors as an inaugural member, thereby providing my support to the important and relevant work that OBI is doing to create a stronger worldwide network of Outward Bound Schools. The events of the past year have shown us that the outdoor educational experiences provided by Outward Bound schools around the world are more needed and relevant than ever. Through an investment in OBI, I hope to contribute to not only OBI’s sustainability, but that of the entire global network.”- Jamie Anderson – Founding Member, OB Global Ambassadors

To discuss joining the OB Global Ambassadors please contact Sarah Wiley

Jamie Anderson (Canada)David Kong (Hong Kong)
Colin Maund (UK)Grant Faber (New Zealand)
Henry Morse (USA)John Atkin (Australia)
David Reeve (Canada)Peter Neumark (UK)
Laura Kohler (USA)Bart MacDougall (Canada)
Guy Williams (United Kingdom)Sarah Wendt (USA)
Peter Kyle (USA/New Zealand)Mary Thomson (Canada)
Peter Mortifee (Canada)Chien Lee (Hong Kong)
Winston Lo (Hong Kong)Roy Chung (Hong Kong)
Charles Philipps (UK)Andrew Smith (New Zealand)
Richard Winter (Hong Kong)                                                Peter Clarke (Hong Kong)Clifford Krauss (USA)

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