A global publication for a global organization. Outward Bound International’s Year In Review publication includes foundational information about Outward Bound as well as a selection of articles showcasing trends in the industry and updates from our global community of Outward Bound Schools.

The Year In Review reaches a wide demographic of internal and external constituents, including instructors, board members, alumni, program and funding partners. This annual publication takes the place of the Outward Bound International Journal, our flagship publication that had been distributed to member schools prior to 2021.

2020 oBI journal

This issue contains articles on:

  • Wings for Those Who Can Fly
  • When Kurt Hahn Meets Laozi
  • Outward Bound Germany’s New Facility
  • Regional Staff Symposia: Americas & Asia
  • Another Year of Growth for Outward Bound Oman

2019 OBI Journal

This issue contains articles on:

  • Magnetic North
  • The Spirit of OB Hong Kong
  • Teaching Generation Z
  • Teaching the Instructors
  • Becoming OB Vietnam

2018 OBI Journal

This issue contains articles on:

  • NoMoPhobia
  • Life is a Gothic Dog
  • Scenario Training in Hong Kong
  • Virtual Reality Storytelling in New Zealand
  • And…not to yield! OB in Zimbabwe

2017 OBI Journal

This issue contains articles on:

  • A Journey to Building a Nation
  • Defining Outward Bound
  • I Get Out From My Tiny Little World
  • Professional Learning Lab
  • Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Culture Within OB

2016 OBI Journal

This issue contains articles on:

  • Crossing the Empty Quarter
  • Character Training to Personal Growth
  • Compassionate Service
  • Women Outward Bound
  • Measuring the Impact of OB

2015 Outward Bound Journal

This issue contains articles on:

  • Tufts University’s Institute for Global Leadership
  • Police and youth in Baltimore
  • The impact of gratitude
  • The crossing of the Rub Al Khali Desert
  • Developing rugged, resilient youths

2014 Outward Bound Journal

This issue contains articles on:

  • Social Impact in the United Kingdom
  • Outward Bound on the Danube Delta
  • Summit to Sea in Australia
  • Journey-based programming in Hong Kong
  • Staff Adventure in the Land of Genghis Kahn

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