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Outward Bound and The environment – our commitment

There is a growing expectation on all organisations that they address their environmental impact and implement actions that seek to reduce it. As a global organisation whose course delivery is predominantly based on interaction in the natural environment, these expectations are particularly relevant to Outward Bound. We are in a unique position to develop environmental awareness in our participants; specifically, an active consciousness, and a strong desire to modify their environmental impact where they can. This is one of the most important responsibilities we hold as an organization.

At Outward Bound International we take environmental sustainability seriously. We are committed to progressively:

  • Reducing our impact and making our activities more sustainable
  • Encouraging our participants to be environmentally aware through education and
  • Championing environmental stewardship and individual responsibility

outward bound’s environmental charter

The Outward Bound Environmental Charter outlines our commitment to making Outward Bound International’s  operations more sustainable.  The Charter contains a set of principles relating to environmental management systems; by adopting the Charter, Outward Bound International publicly declares its commitment to undertake its activities in accordance with these principles and we will work to deliver across the seven core areas of action:


Commit to measuring and reducing their total energy usage and will seek to do this by changing behaviour and exploring opportunities for energy efficiency.


Minimise our transport related environmental impact by reducing our annual travel and by utilising lower carbon modes of travel whenever possible.


Minimise our use of water at Outward Bound International and encourage water saving behaviour in our staff and participants. We will minimise the effect that our waste-water discharge has on the environment.


Embed the principles of the waste hierarchy (avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle) in all that we do. We will work to phase out our use of single-use plastics.

Partners and Suppliers

Work with partners (including contractors, suppliers and vendors) to minimise climate and environmental change impacts and encourage them to act in a more sustainable manner.

Program Operation

Minimise our environmental impact and our impact on local communities in the areas in which we operate by implementing the Outward Bound International principles of “Tread Lightly”.

Environmental Stewardship

Train and encourage our staff and participants to better understand, conserve and protect the natural environment. We will make them more environmentally aware.

We create lasting impact in the lives of our participants

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