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Engaging with the natural environment

At Outward Bound, we consciously include strands of environmental learning into our programs. This complements our work to help participants understand more about themselves, how they work with others and fit into their wider environment. This explicit intent is supported by our approach to achieving our learning through authentic adventure where participants are immersed in the natural environment. Without contact with the environment we are not Outward Bound.


  • Something special happens to participants when they spend prolonged time in the environment.
  • It is our responsibility to facilitate and nurture the special experiences participants have in the environment when they are at Outward Bound.
  • Participants are losing the opportunity to experience unstructured play in nature. By enabling this to happen we contribute not only to participant’s development, but to the good of the environment in general.


outward bound’s environmental charter

The Outward Bound Environmental Charter outlines our commitment to making Outward Bound’s global operations more sustainable.  The Charter contains a set of principles relating to environmental management systems; by adopting the Charter, Outward Bound International and member Schools publicly declare a commitment to undertake activities in accordance with these principles and to deliver across the seven core areas of action.

nature bound – environmental guidance

Outward Bound International is pleased to share our Nature Bound Resource Pack which consists of guidelines and resources to support Outward Bound Schools in making their operations more sustainable and in enriching the Outward Bound curriculum to enhance the student experience and establish strong connections to nature through the Outward Bound experience.  Outward Bound International is grateful to Manulife for their support of this global project.

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three focus areas: 

The Nature Bound Field Guide provides guidelines to help instructional staff develop ecological awareness among students and staff, minimise environmental impact when “in the field”, and encourage respect and compassion towards places, the natural world, and other people.

The Nature Bound Operations Guide aims to help Schools improve environmental performance across operations, help role model sustainable practice to students and stakeholders, and support Schools to take action for the climate crisis.

The Nature Bound Education Guide aims to support instructors to improve environmental education through: (re) connecting students with themselves, others, with nature and place; developing ecological understanding; fostering a sense of environmental stewardship empowerment; and educating for the climate crisis.

We create lasting impact in the lives of our participants

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