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A Rite of Passage for every youth in Singapore – As part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan, the Ministry of Education – Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) Challenge Program seeks to develop ruggedness, resilience, and build cohesion amongst youths.

Outward Bound Singapore has partnered with the Singapore government to develop a nation-wide Outward Bound program for all youth; to prepare the next generation for the challenges of an increasingly uncertain and volatile world by developing critical life skills. Paramount to the program is the idea of bringing together adolescent boys and girls from all walks of life; regardless of race, language or religion, providing them with equal access to educational opportunities inside & outside the classroom. The OBS Challenge program is now national policy in Singapore. Within 3 years of the project roll-out, more than 30,000 youths have benefitted from the program with impressive results in terms of student learning and impact.

100% High school age students will have the opportunity to take a course
OB Singapore Paddling Laughing 86% Felt an increased ability to make friendships from diverse backgrounds
87% Felt better able to deal with challenges positively
OBI BRASIL Kayaking sunny day 86% Are committed to playing an active role to improve the environment

A bright future  //  OB OMAn spotlight

More than 41,000 people were engaged in shaping and producing Oman Vision 2040, the government roadmap for national development. Outward Bound Oman worked closely with the Vision 2040 management team and identified the unique contribution that Outward Bound courses could make through integrating the key pillars of that vision into their courses.

A particular focus of the programs is placed on developing national talent, and the employability skills, resilience and work ethics of young Omanis. The end of course evaluation from 868 participants, ages 17 to 25, demonstrated the following positive results:

97% Believe that a positive mindset will result in better outcomes
94% Better able to develop creative solutions
95% Able to with cooperate with others more effectively
95% Better understand the importance of communication


The Police Youth Challenge program engages various levels of the Baltimore City Police Department and Baltimore City school-age youth in order to shift perceptions and improve interactions between youth and police in the city of Baltimore. A study to look at the program effectiveness revealed evidence of a clear shift in perceptions, strengthening of positive attitudes and dramatic drop in negative attitude between the two cohorts after the program.

Findings demonstrated an increase in positive perceptions and a decrease in negative perceptions across all indicators.


police-youth-challenge-1 77 Schools/Organizations Participated
PYC-climbing 7,263 Youth Participants
PYC-Circle 95% Active duty police officers have participated

Appreciating Nature  //  OB Canada SPOTLIGHT

Outward Bound Canada conducted an extensive survey with past and present participants to look at the role in which the natural environment impacts the individual learning experience. Outward Bound’s classroom is the outdoors. Developing connections to the natural world and fostering respect and responsibility for the environment is an essential part of all Outward Bound courses around the world. In a time of increasing environmental degradation across the globe, when people are spending more time interacting with media and technology and less time participating in activities in nature, developing this connection is more crucial than ever for the well-being of individuals, society and the planet.

92% Felt their OB course helped them to connect with the natural world
87% Experienced an increased sense of restorative-ness/mental well-being
73% Found their OB experience increased their concern and connection to the natural environment
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