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Licensing of Outward Bound Schools

Outward Bound International is responsible for the licensing of Outward Bound Schools around the world.  Only licensed Schools may use the word mark “Outward Bound” and the associated “compass rose” icon.  Licensed Schools are members of the Outward Bound Council, have access to Outward Bound’s intellectual property and our distinctive People, Place and Process model for authentic learning and adventure.

OBI has a three-stage licensing process designed to help new Schools develop appropriate plans to succeed in their country.


If you are interested in applying for a licence you should submit a brief application (that includes the following detail) to the OBI Executive Director:

  • Details of a need for Outward Bound in the country
  • What the mission and vision is of the applicant organisation
  • Background of those who will support the new School (ideally representing diverse segments of society)
  • The general business model that will be explored and where participants and funding will come from
  • The anticipated scale of operations and the program delivery model.
  • Details of your “not for profit”status
  • An indication of your social purpose and the target population you will serve

It normally takes from 3-5 years for an applicant to gain a Full License.

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