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At Outward Bound International, we take pride in our governance arrangements. Good governance is a key foundation for the success of any organisation in any sector, whether commercial, not-for-profit or educational. Governance is not the management of the day-to-day operations of the organisation – it is the framework of strategy, risk management, controls and processes. It relates to the organisation’s leadership in terms of culture, values and integrity.  In a well-governed organisation, these elements underpin everything the organisation does and how it does it.

Board of directors

The Outward Bound International Board has the ultimate responsibility for strategic decision-making, working with OBI’s leadership team to accomplish this. It is the Board’s role to set and protect the vision, mission and values of Outward Bound as well as protect the reputation of the global brand. The Board is comprised of a membership that reflects the geographic diversity of the worldwide Outward Bound network and the values and spirit of Outward Bound around the world.

staff team

Outward Bound International is a charitable educational organization with a small but dynamic staff team. Staff at OBI work with the Board of Directors to implement the strategic plan, support both new applicants through the licensing process and existing Schools in their ongoing development, and facilitate collaboration and learning between Schools.


The Outward Bound International Board and Staff team work together to ensure that all processes and decisions are transparent; that members, donors and stakeholders are engaged and consulted; and that core governance and financial information is available publicly.

Risk Management

Outward Bound has been a leader in outdoor adventure safety and risk management for 80 years. As part of our ongoing effort to help our member Schools monitor and mitigate risks, Outward Bound programs around the world are regularly reviewed and monitored by both internal and external review teams.

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