Our Impact / Global Impact Reports

Relevant then, even more relevant now…

Outward Bound International (OBI) is committed to building a stronger worldwide network of more effective and resilient Outward Bound Schools; Schools which run programs that change lives for the better.

To support this vision, the OBI Board and management have made it a priority to share widely the significant impact that Outward Bound programs have on people around the Globe. Outward Bound started in 1941 as an authentic, rigorous, and adventurous “training for life” program. Today, in the face of increasingly complex and always-evolving challenges, Outward Bound programs are more relevant than ever.


As our 2020 and 2022 Global Impact Reports clearly demonstrate, Outward Bound has an increasingly important role to play in preparing and supporting people to successfully navigate the massive social, economic and environmental shifts being experienced around the world.

Evidence collected across the network of Outward Bound Schools tells a compelling story of how Outward Bound programs enable participants to establish greater connections to self, to others and to the natural world; developing fundamental life skills which in turn leads to a greater sense of well-being for themselves, the communities around them and society as a whole.

We create lasting impact in the lives of our participants

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