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To promote and protect the good name of Outward Bound throughout the world, and to assist in the establishment, development and support of Outward Bound Centers able to provide safe, high quality programs that fulfil the mission of Outward Bound.

OBI’s strategies to achieve this mission are:

  • Managing risk management processes of the Outward Bound centers
  • Providing protection of the Outward Bound trademark and reputation
  • Helping Outward Bound centers to be successful
  • Improving collaboration between Outward Bound centers
  • Establishing adequate, ongoing funding for OBI.


A Council with representatives from each fully licensed member school governs Outward Bound International.

The Council appoints a 15-person Board of Directors. The Board aims to have at least:

  • Four members from Europe and Africa
  • Four members from Asia and the Pacific
  • Four members from the Americas

The Board Members pay their own expenses of meeting at least twice a year and participate in fund raising to support OBI. Nominations for Board membership are invited prior to each AGM.


Outward Bound International currently has an Executive Director, an Associate Director, and relies on the volunteer services of senior Outward Bound staff worldwide.

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