A stronger worldwide network of more effective and resilient Outward Bound schools. Outward Bound schools that increasingly make a real difference to the lives of participants through adventure and learning in the natural environment.


“We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we may never again be prepared to settle for anything else.” — Kurt Hahn, co-founder of Outward Bound.


Adventurous Learning
A belief in the power and intensity of learning through adventure in the outdoors – as a means of bringing out the best in our participants.

Transformational Change
A deep appreciation of the balance between risk, reward and responsibility. We facilitate authentic learning through purposeful and intense experiences with real consequences and powerful, positive and memorable outcomes.

Respect and Compassion
Our schools aim to stretch people both physically and mentally. In doing so they act with care, concern and generosity towards people and the natural environment.


A Council with representatives from each fully licensed member school governs Outward Bound International.

The Council appoints a 15-person Board of Directors. The Board aims to have at least:

  • Four members from Europe and Africa
  • Four members from Asia and the Pacific
  • Four members from the Americas

The Board Members pay their own expenses of meeting at least twice a year and participate in fund raising to support Outward Bound International. Nominations for Board membership are invited prior to each Annual General Meeting.


Outward Bound International currently has an Executive Director, an Associate Director, and relies on the volunteer services of senior Outward Bound staff worldwide.

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