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Special announcements from the worldwide network of Outward Bound Schools

August 2, 2017 – Outward Bound Malaysia – Sabah announces its anniversary offering The Lost World Expedition. The Lost World Expedition, in the Maliau Basin conservation area, is organized to commemorate Outward Bound Sabah’s anniversary as an outdoor adventure education non-profit. This expedition is a fundraising initiative to support the school.

Participants will experience trekking in one of Malaysia’s finest untouched wilderness areas, the Maliau Basin Conservation Area. It is an excellent site for jungle trekking and to experience the natural wonders of a primary tropical rain-forest. More information is available at the Outward Bound Sabah website.

June 30, 2017 – The staff of Outward Bound Germany are saddened to announce the passing of Markus Littich. Markus, the long-time manager of Outward Bound Germany’s Alpine Centre in Baad, Kleinwalsertal passed away after 37 years of continuous service to Outward Bound Germany. Markus was amongst the longest serving Outward Bound staff in the world.

Many knew Markus as the archetype of an alpine mountain guide – silent, yet determined; creative, yet traditional; stern yet heartfelt. He was the cornerstone of Outward Bound Germany for many, many years, in good times as well as in days of need.

In Austria’s Kleinwalsertal valley, Markus was also known as a great musician – both as conductor, composer, and virtuous clarinetist. His deep personal and cultural roots in the remote mountain community were unique, and many of his fellow staff, customers and business partners were genuinely impressed by this authentic man.

Markus did things his way, simply, wordlessly, efficiently – and sometimes unconventionally. Eschewing the conventions of traditional corporate branding, he ensured that the original Outward Bound logo and corresponding term, “Kurzschule” (short-term school), used in Germany during the 1950s, were displayed prominently at the Baad centre—as if Outward Bound’s founder Kurt Hahn had personally kept guard of those history-steeped symbols.

Markus left far too soon. He died on June 1st from a heart attack suffered shortly after doing what he loved most: being outward bound in his beloved mountains.

His spirit remains out there. For good. And he is missed.