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Information about job availability and contact information can be found by clicking on the notices listed below. Each Outward Bound school is responsible for its own hiring and correspondence with applicants.

About Outward Bound Hong Kong

Outward Bound Hong Kong has been serving the people of Hong Kong since 1970, providing high-quality personal development experiences in the outdoors for thousands of participants from a range of backgrounds. Working from three bases in the New Territories participants undertake journeys in kayaks or ketches in the coastal waters and hiking the mountains of the Hong Kong Country Parks. We own and maintain a 67 ft yacht, The Spirit of Outward Bound which provides a platform for longer courses.

Head of Sailing

The Role: Head of Sailing

As an organisation based directly on the coastal waters of Hong Kong, sailing is an integral part of our course offerings. We are seeking a dynamic and experienced person to join our team to oversee all aspects of our sailing operations and ensure it is representative of our position as a leading provider of outdoor education courses in the region.

The successful candidate will be passionate about the opportunity that sailing offers young people to discover their potential and to access challenging and inspiring environments. He or she will inspire not only participants but also colleagues to share the benefits of sailing on our fleet of 4 ketches and our flagship yacht. More specifically, the role will involve;

– Building vision and strategy for the advancement and future success of all Outward Bound Hong Kong sailing programs and courses.
– Development of programs that maximise the use of the fleet and extend the benefits to as many participants as possible each year
– Planning and delivering appropriate staff training for specialist crew as well as instructors to ensure professional development that permits full use of our resources
– Management of the vessels to ensure regulatory and code compliance and appropriate maintenance

Required Qualifications

The most important qualification for the role is an enthusiasm for developing an industry-leading sailing program. This will require extensive experience of managing educational sailing programs and training colleagues.

Qualifications that support this experience are essential. The exact list of qualifications will be dependent upon the candidate’s specific background, but will support their ability to successfully manage an offshore sailing vessel and educational sailing program.

We are keen to ensure that the successful candidate has all the necessary information before applying for and accepting the role. Please get in touch if you require any further information about any aspect of the role, your suitability or life in Hong Kong or visit our website:

Applications should be sent to before Monday 2nd April 2018.

If you have specific questions please get in touch with the Executive Director, Nick Cotton

Long Term Instructors

Seasonal (Sept to Dec 2018) & Long Term Instructors

– To be able to run Outward Bound courses effectively and with intentional focus to provide the very best educational outcomes for Outward Bound Hong Kong’s clients.
– To be an independent and self-sufficient instructor running a wide variety of programmes in a residential setting but predominantly concentrating on journey based courses using sailing, sea kayaking and hiking as the mode of transport.
– To maintain high standards of safety at all times and maintain good working relationships and practices throughout the different departments that they work with.

Essential Requirements:
– Minimum 21 years old
– Bronze Medallion Life Saving or equivalent
– Wilderness First Responder Certificate or equivalent (including AED certification)
– Hard skill experiences in sea kayaking, rock climbing, low ropes and hiking.
– A history of working with youth in an educational setting.

– APIOL or higher
– Completion of an outdoor training programme (e.g. Degree, Diploma)
– 2 NGB assessed awards
– Sailing experience
– Conversational Cantonese
– Outward Bound experience (other experiential education providers will also be considered)

Personal attributes:
– A belief in developing human potential
– Open and honest communication skills
– A willingness to be flexible in regards to situations, working hours and conditions
– An eye for detail and safety
– A willingness to train and develop fellow staff

Interested parties please send applications to

About Outward Bound Vietnam

OB Vietnam is a new school rapidly expanding with a substantial client base and looking to transition from a provisional to a full Outward Bound license.

Staff Training Manager

The cornerstone of this role involves conducting a robust six month training school to progressively develop local talent as competent instructors, and it also involves overseeing ongoing learning and development.
This is a pioneering role at the forefront of OAE in Vietnam and will be continually breaking new ground to build and implement a robust and comprehensive staff development program. Developing new instructors in a country not familiar with OAE presents many challenges, and we are seeking a creative, flexible and solution focused candidate willing to be immersed across cultures for this role. Cultural intelligence/sensitivity and the ability to humbly communicate across divides is vital for success in this role.
Essential/specific aspects we are looking for include:
– An ethos and understanding of Outward Bound processes and experiential education
– Keen understanding of soft skills
– Cultural intelligence, including the willingness to work and live across cultures, and listen to others, as this position crosses numerous cultural and social divides.
– The ability to teach hard skills including rock climbing, sea kayaking and trekking.
– Wilderness first aid & bronze medallion, or equivalent
– Role modelling of policies
– A track record of mentoring junior instructors in how to run a high impact course that aims for meaningful change
– Proof of extensive experience in leading various multi-day OAE programs on land and sea
– Ability to maintain positive morale in yourself and inspire this in others.
– Extensive repertoire of outdoor qualifications

– The ability to teach hard skills including challenge ropes course and caving.
– Tropical environment experience
– Experience with a holistic training and assessment framework and its implementation
– Desire to connect research with practice, particularly in areas of cultural intelligence and OAE in an Asian context
– Understanding of contemporary trends in OAE and their application into practice
– Tertiary qualifications
– Desire to present at conferences and seminars
– Experience preparing and managing budgets
– Leave No Trace / eco-literacy and the ability to infuse this into courses
– To seek out and benchmark the best solution from around the world for OBV, rather than reverting to ‘home turf’ thinking
This is a senior position and this person will significantly contribute to a positive organizational culture that will inspire colleagues to their best efforts. As this is a leadership role you may occasionally be required to represent the organization in ceremonial formalities and will require a set of attire for this.
To lead others in ongoing learning and development it is hoped that this person will be able to positively role model development in themselves. OBV will support, encourage and facilitate your ongoing learning journey where possible while maintaining delivery of your teaching requirements.
This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to progress to the next level and this person will implement ideas and practices that will contribute to building the capacity of OBV.

Please contact

A full position description is attached here [click to access]