Three Ways to Ensure Underserved High School Students Graduate

NYC Outward Bound Schools has developed a culture of “grit” across its network of schools. One area in which this particularly stands out is the arena of college readiness. The schools don’t just address the academics of college preparation, but also the character needs: it takes perseverance, discipline and resilience for students to overcome the challenges they face to get to and through college. It’s important to make sure students envision themselves as scholars and that they have the tools to succeed.

Rappel 230 Feet from a Hotel in California

Outward Bound will be holding the first annual City Skyline Challenge later this week where 96 people will rappel 230 feet off of the roof of Hyatt Regency in the Financial District to raise $250,000. 

The daring rappellers will descend 23 stories from one of the tallest buildings in San Francisco. The brave includes local residents, celebrities, and politicians such as former 49ers offensive lineman Guy McIntyre, Supervisor David Chiu, and Sen. Mark Leno. 

NZ Teenager rises to challenge

Lose Halatoa joined mentoring programme YWCA Auckland Future Leaders four years ago as a year 10 student.

Taking part gave her the chance to complete outdoor adventure-based experience Outward Bound last year as part of a scholarship offered by YWCA, the world’s largest women’s organisation.

At Anakiwa, in the Marlborough Sounds, there were physical challenges, including countless push-ups and running a half marathon, but Lose says it was the emotional support she received that made a big difference to her life.

Young Scots use outdoors to map out life’s journey

Confidence starts at early age, says Martin Davidson

THE proverb “great oaks from little acorns grow” is as applicable now in today’s society as it was when first created.

The Outward Bound Trust fully understands the importance of allowing young Scots to achieve their true potential during their fundamentally important and formative years. When young people are given the opportunity to embrace qualities of self-belief and resilience at an early age, The Trust has found these skills remain throughout an individual’s life.

Choosing an attitude knows no bounds: OB New Zealand

Outward Bound, a residential course of physical and mental challenges lasting from eight to 21 days, was conceived in 1941 by the German educator Kurt Hahn, who also established five leading independent schools and the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Hahn saw a society in decline, lacking in fitness, initiative, skill, self-discipline, imagination and compassion. Outward Bound was his response – the proof of his belief that we can be better than we ever imagined.

It’s a world of mottos and homilies, but the most-repeated is Hahn’s favourite: “Plus est en vous” (there is more in you (than you think).

The New Zealand version of Hahn’s great idea began at Anakiwa, in the Marlborough Sounds, in 1962, and remains there still. Inside the main dining room, a framed clipping from the Evening Post of November 2, 1962, records the opening.