First female Omani instructor for Outward Bound Oman

Outside Muscat, in a remote campsite at Khal Hail Mahlab in Jebel Akhdar, a young woman walks with unmatched confidence as she orders a group of over 20 teenage boys to prop themselves up to prepare a meal for the evening.

Until a few years ago, Jawaher had a desk job. The routine task of labelling files and faxing documents required very little effort, she recalled. If that wasn’t boring enough, working within the restricted space of four walls didn’t seem to be doing her any favours. “I knew I was meant to be somewhere else,” she says.

Outward Bound Oman: Chasing winter

Climate scientist Felicity Aston, who was recently awarded the polar medal and an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honour list, made a brief visit to the sultanate last week on special invitation by Outward Bound Oman.

During a private gathering at the British Ambassador’s residence, the polar explorer regaled the audience with stories from her adventures in the bitter cold, her never-ending romance with the winters and the foremost question that has been central to her polar quest: How cold could it possibly get?

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OBI Board Member, Eduardo Balarezo, Recognized by Real Leaders Magazine

Who Were Some Of The Remarkable Leaders Of 2014?

We have a front row seat for the Sixth Great Extinction in the history of the Earth, and the only one caused by humans. Let’s face it, the planet will long outlive our fragile species, so any focus on “saving the planet” misses the point. We need to protect the delicate ecosystem that humans need to thrive and survive. It’s all about “nurturing our ecosystem in order to save our species.” Can the clothes we buy make a difference? Peruvian, Eduardo Balarezo thinks it can.

OB Canada Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program to build self-confidence and self-esteem

Aboriginal students in the Burnaby school district have a new place to grow their leadership skills, thanks to a partnership with Outward Bound Canada.

Launched earlier this month, with leadership activities in Deer Lake Park and hikes around Burnaby Mountain, the Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program is designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem through shared group experiences in nature.

Human capital key to corporate success

SkyCity chief executive Nigel Morrison responds to issues raised about staffing at last week’s AGM

I was asked to speak by Outward Bound because SkyCity is widely regarded as having one of the strongest employee cultures in New Zealand. We didn’t achieve this reputation by accident.

SkyCity, the largest single-site private-sector employer in central Auckland, prides itself on being an “employer of choice” and we work very hard to recruit and retain the very best people throughout our business of more than 6000 staff across five sites in New Zealand and Australia.